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Coopers Taxis

Established 1990. Still owned and operated by husband and wife team Phil & Lynne Cooper.

We have over 60 vehicles linked to our computerised despatch system. This system encourages drivers to park where they are most likely to be needed. This is just one of the reasons we are the quickest responding firm in Chorley - 24 hours a day, all year round.

We have invested, and continue to invest in good quality cars & minibuses, customer-focused people and a highly efficient computerised despatch system.

We have a variety of methods for you to contact us including a smartphone app, instant book on any mobile, online booking via a web browser and the telephone. Know your taxi is booked with our text back service confirmation. A free service not provided by any of our competitors. We will text again when your vehicle arrives.

We make regular checks on drivers' insurance and vehicle maintenance sheets for our peace of mind and your safety. We are fully legitimate with employment law, HMRC and run from a commercial unit with planning permission.

All this and our metered fare charges are no more than our competitors.

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Airport Transfers


At Coopers Taxis, we know that your holiday adventure begins with the arrival of your taxi. We also understand that getting home again is just as important to you as getting there.

With this in mind, we provide you with a document to check and sign on your outward journey. This gives you the peace of mind you need that your taxi will arrive for your return trip because it is a legal document. Such is our confidence in ourselves that our taxi will be in the right place at the right time for you.

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Smartphone App

Our smartphone app is free to download and use.

You book directly onto our system.

Even if all of our operators are fully engaged on other calls this app allows you to make bookings, cancel bookings, check your booking status or track your taxi on a map in real time.

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Online Booking

With our online booking system, there's no need to call. Simply book directly onto our despatch system from a web browser and track taxis from a web browser. This is a fantastic facility for companies who book taxis for their staff.

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If you're already registered with our online booking service, and you have your login details, you can log in by clicking the login button below.

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Enquiry Service

Use our online enquiry service to receive an estimated cost of a journey.


Instant Book

Available on ANY mobile phone. Our despatch system knows who you are.

Store up to 3 favourite collection points.

Simply phone Coopers Taxis, press a single number on your keypad and a taxi is instantly despatched. No queues.

The system will also send a text to your mobile when your taxi arrives at your collection point.

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Text Back

When you book a taxi on your mobile, our system texts you back to confirm your booking. When our taxi arrives, our system sends another text with details of the vehicle and its driver's (call sign) number.

This service is completely free. No hidden costs are factored in to the passengers or the drivers as we recognise there is always a cost to staying ahead of our competitors.

Call Back

When you book a taxi on your landline our system calls you back and let's your phone ring twice before hanging up. This may seem like a prank initially, but once you're familiar with this free service, you will know that you taxi has arrived.

Some Things We DON'T do at Coopers Taxis

  • Overload vehicles. Some firms may do this for a good fare but we don't. Please know that it invalidates the insurance.
  • Pick up a flag down or queue our taxis at venues. This also invalidates insurance and is the rightful domain of the Hackney Carriage.
  • Tolerate abusive/threatening behaviour. All our cars are equipped with GPS tracking and panic buttons with links to Chorley Police.

Don't risk it!   Call Coopers Taxis.
We are at your service 24/7 with a large responsive fleet of cars and minibuses.